In our latest product release we introduce a suite of new Insightly sales force automation (SFA) and analytics capabilities that provide our customers with more control, flexibility, and smarter reports they need to increase efficiency, grow profitability, and improve customer service. With these features we are opening access to enterprise-grade capabilities without the cost and complexity of legacy CRM systems.

Watch the Q1 2019 Product Release Webinar where Insightly CEO Anthony Smith unveils new features.

Product, Price Books and Quotes

Product & Services Catalog

Quickly search, track, and manage millions of distinct products and services right inside the Insightly platform. Connect products and services to individual opportunities all in one place, eliminating human errors, bottlenecks, and inconsistencies.

More details:

  • Create additional custom fields on products. (Example: stock quantities)
  • Update and add products via the API from external systems, or import from CSV.
  • Include product families and multiple product images for each product.
  • Create custom product layouts for different users.
  • Gain actionable insights with new product reports and dashboard card options.

Price Books and Quotes

Enjoy fine-grained, complete control of what you sell, to whom, when, and at what price. Add multiple prices to each product or service based on location, currency, purchase quantity, sale type (retail or wholesale), year, or customer.

Create customized quotes, contracts, and proposals and send them to prospects in just a few clicks, directly from Insightly.

Speed up the quote-to-cash process and save time with the Price Books and Quotes.

More details on Price Books:

  • Clone price books or import new price books in just a few clicks.
  • Add or update pricing via the API from external sources.
  • Archive old price books.
  • Create custom fields in price books.
  • Add products to an opportunity and have the opportunity value automatically calculated.

More details on Quotes:

  • Create quotes for opportunities in just a couple of clicks.
  • Customize templates in MS Word with images, logos, and merge fields.
  • Create multiple templates for different regions, customers, or product lines.
  • Add smart conditional logic inside templates for custom text blocks or content sections.
  • Add tax, shipping and handling to quotes, save and email as PDF to a customer for approval.
  • Sync quotes with their linked opportunities to automatically update and match their products and pricing information.

Availability: Enterprise Plan

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Learn more in the Insightly Help Center.

Analytics & sales territory visualization

Custom calculated fields

Write custom formulas, calculate and store values with Insightly’s exceptionally fast formula-calculating engine.

More details:

  • Add calculated fields that execute a formula (similar to MS Excel) inside Insightly every time a record is added or updated.
  • Access 200+ functions.
  • Incorporate calculations into reports and dashboards cards.
  • Get calculation results in different data types: date, time, text, number, percent, etc.
  • Render analysis in multiple formats.

Availability: Enterprise Plan

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Custom validation rules

Custom validation rules are critical to maintaining data integrity, consistency, and accuracy. Write your own business logic to verify that the data entered into a record meets the standards or formats you want before saving the information in Insightly.

Examples of custom validation rules include restricting record editing to specific users or limiting price discount ranges to avoid any mishaps.

More details:

  • Execute customer specific rules on any field in a saved record to make sure the data entered conforms to customer’s requirements.
  • Use validation rules across the web, mobile apps, and the API.
  • Perform validation on users, roles, profiles, dates and times, or the record fields themselves.
  • Add validation to any objects, including custom objects.

Availability: Enterprise Plan

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Sales territory mapping

Chart your data on more than 40 high definition geographic maps, covering every region of the world. Glean invaluable insights and easily monitor sales performance, such as sales results by state, product sales volume by country, or a number of customers by region.

Note that Insightly is the only major CRM offering this feature.

More details:

  • Map any record with an address, region, or country field onto a map.
  • Zoom in and mouseover to display values.
  • Customize maps with different colors and values.

Availability: Enterprise Plan

Other features

New image custom field type

Add images to any record, including contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, leads.

More details:

  • Add an image to any standard or custom object.
  • Upload and attach JPEG or PNG files to any record on the web, mobile app, or via the API.
  • View image fields in different page layouts.
  • Use advanced permissions to control which users can view or edit images.

Availability: Professional and Enterprise Plans

Dashboard table cards

Build smarter reports with dashboard table cards and access all relevant data in one view.

More details:

  • Add tabular data to your dashboards to list out record.
  • Filter, group, and use data shaping in table cards.
  • Roll up summary totals.
  • Add hyperlinks and links to different records to view all details right on top of the dashboard.

Availability: Professional and Enterprise Plans

New document generation system

Merge Insightly data with MS Word templates to create professional-looking, branded documents for contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, and leads. Auto-generate customized documents, personalized letters, and mailing labels for contacts in Insightly in just a couple of clicks.

This feature is especially useful for project managers or professional service agencies who have to generate proposals, presentations, account plans, and other custom documents on a regular basis.

More details:

  • Use multiple merge templates for each object type.
  • Merge images and content based on Insightly field.
  • Customize content with conditional formatting.

Availability: All Plans

For more details, watch the webinar.

For documentation and user guides, check the Insightly Help Center.

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