Last week Insightly unveiled a series of product updates, including new features that will allow users to customize their CRM based on their unique industry business needs, boost productivity, and easily manage operations — all while enjoying elegant and intuitive interface. Businesses of any size can use these new capabilities to better understand their customers, build stronger relationships, and sell smarter. Below is a brief overview of new features and updates.

Custom Objects

The days of one-size-fits-all apps are long gone. Every business is different in how it enables its people, manages its processes, and behaves in increasingly competitive markets. Insightly’s new Custom Objects functionality allows businesses of any size and in any industry to add custom data fields and model every touchpoint of the customer journey. A real estate business can now customize their CRM with property type, seller, buyer, and broker info, and listings; a manufacturing business can keep track of equipment, shipping, logistics, and work order; and so on.

With Custom Objects you can finally build 360-degree view of the customer — all your customer data in one place — and, ultimately, build lifelong customer relationships. As far as the setup and adoption, Custom Objects look and perform like any other object and can be fully and flawlessly integrated with standard/existing fields and workflows.

Feature details:

  • Create custom views with up to 200 individual fields and millions of records
  • Get support for all 14 distinct custom field types
  • Search any field in under 25 ms and update data in under 45 ms
  • Customize page layouts with dynamic layout rules
  • Use Workflow Automation, including webhooks and lambda functions
  • Create custom business intelligence dashboards and cards on top of Custom Objects
  • Import from CSV or Excel and update data in Custom Objects
  • Deploy new Custom Objects across web, iOS, and Android with just one click

Availability: Professional & Enterprise Plans

Custom Apps

This new feature is all about user adoption and efficiencies, which are critical to a successful CRM implementation and the future-proofing of businesses. The Custom Apps capabilities allow Insightly users to tailor their daily CRM interactions to the very specific needs and individual preferences, at every customer touchpoint.

Salespeople can now create their own view of the application that will provide them with everything they need — standard objects and Custom Objects — to perform their daily functions; service and support professionals can create their specific view; project delivery teams, both internal and external, can create theirs, and so on.

The more in-tune the application experience is to the individual users’ needs, the more likely they are to use it, the more productive they will be, and ultimately, the happier their customers will be.

Feature details:

  • Build and deploy new business applications
  • Create unique application branding, iconography, and theme
  • Use Drag and Drop user interface builder
  • Deploy to the Web, Android, and Apple phones and tablets with just one click
  • Add any combination of Custom Objects and standard objects
  • Add a customized dashboard to each app home page
  • Easily switch between CRM and custom apps with App Switcher
  • Keep everything safe and secure with fine-grained permissions and security model

Availability: Enterprise Plan

Insightly Voice

Insightly Voice allows users to make and receive phone calls from within their browser software with click-to-call functionality, and makes placing and receiving calls dramatically more efficient with auto-call logging, so no data entry is required.

Feature details:

  • Record and store calls automatically
  • View call history and follow-up action notes, analytics on call agent productivity
  • Set up custom wait greetings, hold messages, and voicemail greetings for each agent
  • Listen in for coaching or monitoring

Availability: Professional and Enterprise Plans, United States and Canada at launch, more regions to follow.

User Interface Improvements

With 20+ product refinements, Insightly users can now customize their workspaces with custom logo rendering, last-used column width maintenance, and additional date and time formatting options, to name a few.

Availability: All plans

For more details, watch the webinar.

As always, we’ve got deep documentation in the Insightly Help Center to help you get started.

Request a demo from a representative from our Sales team if you would like to learn more about the new product updates.