Earlier this week we announced the arrival of Insightly Marketing — a powerful, yet easy-to-use marketing automation engine built on the same platform as Insightly CRM. For the first time, businesses of all sizes and industries are able to effectively align and manage their marketing, sales, and projects on a single, unified platform. This ability to align teams and processes with a single source of truth on customer data and marketing ROI, is a game-changing moment for businesses that want to better engage with their customers throughout the entire customer journey and make data-driven marketing decisions.

Today Insightly CEO Anthony Smith introduced Insightly Marketing in more detail to our customers worldwide during the Q3 2019 Product Release Webinar.

We are excited about the instant and growing demand for Insightly Marketing after the initial, quiet launch and the press coverage in leading industry publications.

Watch the webinar here. Get the summary of Insightly Marketing features below.

Unified platform for CRM, marketing, & projects

  • Complete integration between CRM and marketing
  • A single sign-on to access both CRM and marketing apps
  • A top navigation menu to easily switch between the apps
  • Consistent user interface design throughout the platform
  • Ability to assign Insightly Marketing and CRM licenses to individual users through the Admin pages
  • Up to 50 Marketing user licenses available on all Insightly Marketing plans

CRM Connector: fully integrate your sales & marketing

  • Bring all Leads and Contacts from your CRM into Insightly Marketing in just one click.
  • Keep all your marketing Prospect data up-to-date with CRM Leads and Contacts, in real time.
  • Easily bring across custom fields from CRM into Marketing to start segmenting customers and send targeted campaigns right away.
  • Since Insightly CRM and Marketing share the same database, you don’t need to sync data — all data is updated instantly in real time.

Audience segmentation: create dynamic & static lists for targeted campaigns

Dynamic lists

  • Segment audiences by any combination of fields and their values across millions of records in real time.
  • When you change any value for any Prospect, all the lists with that Prospect get instantly updated to match the changes.
  • Create as many lists as you want for target marketing.

Static lists

  • Add or remove Prospects manually.
  • As the name suggests, static lists don’t change unless you change them.
  • Use static lists for imported or purchased data or one-off campaigns.

More on lists

  • Split and divide lists in just a few clicks for A/B testing, targeted campaigns, etc.
  • Auto-archive unused or old lists to reduce clutter and better organize the list view.

Emails: build, send, & track brilliant campaigns


  • Send custom emails to any dynamic or static list and use suppression to exclude specific contacts, including competitors, etc.
  • Customize the “sender” field for strategic accounts outreach or account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.
  • Customize the all-important “subject line” with merged fields or emojis.


  • Choose an existing template from the library or build your own. You can also import email templates from other apps with copy/paste.
  • Drag and drop different layout elements, including text boxes, images, and call-to-action buttons (CTAs).
  • Use 20 different fonts and reshape margins, alter padding and line height, and change text color in a text box.
  • Easily embed online videos, social posts, and other rich media content.
  • Undo or redo multiple steps to freely test different layouts and design options.
  • Preview email for both desktop and mobile readers. Note: All emails designs are responsive and look great both on desktop and mobile.

More on images:

  • Easily crop, resize, color, and add filters to images right in the email template.
  • You can also change image shapes and add layers with custom shapes, stickers, and text annotations on top of an image.
  • Access and search half a million royalty-free images available through our integration with Unsplash, Pixels, and Pixabay.


  • Send 100K+ emails per hour per customer, with automatic email sender reputation management and reporting.
  • Schedule emails up to a year in advance with a specific send time.
  • Send authorized and authenticated emails with built-in DKIM and SPF management to ensure your emails reach your target recipients.
  • Use optional dedicated sender IP addresses.

Customer journey builder: go beyond a simple lead nurture*

  • Build and execute powerful individualized customer journeys on a massive scale.
  • Design simple or more sophisticated journeys.
  • Include up to 300 timed individual steps in a journey.
  • Run a journey for up to a year and execute it across tens of millions of individual prospects.
  • Build journeys for welcome or onboarding sequences, re-engagement campaigns, and/or resource download or event follow-ups.
  • Convert Prospects into Leads right from within a journey for a follow-up from a sales rep within the CRM.

Journey steps

  • Actions: sending an email, adding a prospect to the list, converting a prospect into a lead, etc.
  • Triggers: waiting for a prospect to open an email, click on the link, etc.
  • Checks: checking for a prospect field value or engagement score.

*More features coming in the next few weeks.

Folders: keep your assets organized

  • Use a top-down organizational structure to store campaign and marketing assets, such as email templates, journeys, and lists.
  • Organize and nest your marketing content and assets in a way that makes sense to your team.
  • Think of Insightly Marketing Folders as a File Explorer directories in Microsoft Windows or Folders in MacOS Finder.

Unified dashboards across apps: gain visibility into all your key business metrics in a single view

  • Track your website visitors through conversion into leads, won opportunities, and projects on the same dashboard.
  • Chart all the important metrics across your business and have them update in real time.
  • Share real-time dashboards with your co-workers and other stakeholders.
  • Build 40+ different chart types, maps, tables, gauges, and plots in Insightly dashboards.

Marketing reports: build custom reports to get insights that are important to you

  • Compose marketing reports with the exact fields, filters, groupings, charts, and rollup summaries you need.
  • Drag and drop fields, including calculated fields, in your reports.
  • Receive reports in your email inbox with scheduled delivery.
  • Leave behind inflexible, canned marketing reports.

Learn about Insightly Marketing pricing plans here. Or, reach out to our reps at 1-888-999-4039 or [email protected]. You can also get in touch with your Insightly Customer Success Manager.

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