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CBUSA achieves cost savings of 20% per user and drives actionable insights with a switch from Salesforce to Insightly

CBUSA chooses Insightly for a consistent, scalable approach to customer intelligence

CBUSA was founded in 2004 by a group of custom and independent builders in Northern Virginia to achieve pricing and service excellence equivalent to large-scale production competitors. Today, CBUSA comprises hundreds of premier builders across the country, and is supported by top vendors, trades, and manufacturers at local and national levels.

CBUSA members benefit from the combined purchasing volume and power of national competitors. This market strength delivers purchasing advantages over the competition and allows members to extend their reach and scale.


The company needed to align data practices to drive CRM adoption, and analyze and improve customer retention. In addition, the leadership team believed that they could save money on a CRM solution that could be easily customized to their unique business needs.


Insightly’s project features, reasonable pricing, and customizable reporting and dashboards were the perfect fit for CBUSA.


CBUSA was able to align around a single source of customer truth, analyze and improve customer retention, and save 20% per user by switching to Insightly.

Brian Pavlick Chief Operating Officer

Aligning around a consistent approach

CBUSA has markets across the United States, but regions were operating independently with an inconsistent approach to adopting and using Salesforce for customer relationship manage

Insightly is the number one platform and priority for our executives to scale our processes nationwide and get the insights we need to make improvements in our business.

ment. The management team wanted a more consistent methodology, along with a data clean up, which would provide leaders with more actionable insights and the ability to make better decisions with their data.

Driving cost savings & adoption with a modern CRM

Tara DeLaune, a regional operations coordinator for CBUSA, had been tasked with driving the transition from Salesforce to Insightly. After many years of using Salesforce in parallel with an internal line-of-business system that maintained client records, including contacts, organizations, bids, pricing, and reporting, there were problems with data integrity in Salesforce. Teams were duplicating effort because their line-of-business software couldn’t connect to Salesforce; adoption was lagging and data was unreliable. They had made an attempt to integrate their line-of-business system with Salesforce, but the complexity was daunting.

The leadership team evaluated the situation and made the decision to break from Salesforce and start fresh with Insightly, a modern, flexible CRM that delivered both cost savings and the functionality CBUSA needed to leverage the power of their customer data.

The team committed to cleansing 15 years of Salesforce data before migrating to Insightly, and DeLaune is justifiably proud of the effort. “Now everyone can go in and see perfect organizations and contacts. Sometimes we look at our list and we say ‘How beautiful this is!’ We generate invoices off the fields, so it’s crucial to our revenue processes. It is amazing now and the transition to Insightly helped us get to this point. It is night and day between InsightIy and Salesforce,” said DeLaune.

Discovering new opportunities with Insightly

The transition to Insightly allowed CBUSA to review retention campaigns, create ideal customer profiles, and get a deeper understanding of their best customers.

“Prior to creating this project in Insightly, we didn’t have a complete picture of our churn and we weren’t able to analyze it. When I showed this feature to our COO, Brian Pavlick, and the leadership team, they were blown away,” said DeLaune.

Pavlick agreed, “Once I saw how valuable the insights were, the wheels started turning on other opportunities to maximize Insightly. Insightly will keep the leadership team better informed and push velocity through the sales process.”

Looking ahead, “Insightly is the number one platform and priority for our executives to scale our processes nationwide and get the insights we need to make improvements in our business,” said Pavlick.

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