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Home improvement company eases the burden of storm recovery

Insightly makes it easier for Guardian Home Improvements to engage existing and prospective customers.

Guardian Home Improvements was founded in 2008 and provides trustworthy home improvement services in the northeastern part of the United States. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, the company works closely with homeowners insurance carriers to deliver a painless experience for customers who are recovering from storm damage.

Recently, Guardian Home Improvements began looking for a better way to manage its business relationships. “Before Insightly, we were using a very basic CRM,” said Jon Goodman, Operations Manager at Guardian Home Improvements. “Our prior system made it difficult to stay organized, especially from a contact management standpoint.”


Guardian Home Improvements needed a CRM that offered more powerful functionality, such as Gmail integration and user permissions management.


The Insightly Sidebar for Gmail, intuitive record tracking, and customizable pipelines foster productivity and reduce oversights.


With Insightly, Guardian Home Improvements ensures a higher level of customer service, resulting in enhanced revenue for the company.

Gmail integration

Gmail integration is a key reason why Guardian Home Improvements chose Insightly. “We were excited to learn about Insightly’s integration with Gmail,” Goodman said. “Aligning our e

Insightly is a great CRM that keeps everyone organized.

mail with our CRM presented an excellent opportunity.”

The integration has proven particularly beneficial for sharing and saving important customer records. “Insightly’s Gmail integration is an essential feature and saves us a lot of time,” Goodman said. “When we receive contracts, order forms, invoices, or other customer records, we can instantly save them into Insightly without having to download them.”

Centralized lead management

Lead management is also easier with Insightly. “Every lead goes straight into Insightly and is assigned to a specific rep,” Goodman said.

Role permissions create structure for sales reps while offering transparency to management. “We’ve configured Insightly so reps only see their own records,” Goodman said. “However, the management team can see everything in the sales funnel.”

Insightly reports prevent things from slipping through the cracks. “Our office manager uses reports to ensure leads are followed up with in a timely fashion,” Goodman said.

Streamlined workday

Insightly makes life easier at Guardian Home Improvements. “We’re definitely more productive with Insightly,” Goodman said. “I have the system open all day, from the moment I walk into the office until I leave.”

From locating email addresses to capturing notes and tracking deals, Insightly provides a central source of truth that keeps the team operating at peak efficiency.

Revenue impact

By optimizing the company’s sales pipeline and back-office operations, Guardian Home Improvements has set itself up for future growth. “Insightly enables us to provide the ultimate customer experience, reduce oversights, and maximize our revenue opportunities,” Goodman said.

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