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Construction management firm at the forefront of commercial expansion in Pennsylvania

Insightly makes it easier for Mowery Construction to capitalize on business development initiatives.

Mowery Construction, founded in 1925, is a construction management firm based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in central Pennsylvania, Mowery offers a variety of commercial services to clients in healthcare, warehouse and distribution, senior living, education, and other industries. Since its founding, Mowery has delivered well over $2 billion of completed projects.

To fully capitalize on growth opportunities, Mowery Construction needed a more scalable approach to business development tracking. “We had never used a CRM prior to Insightly,” said William Sutton, Vice President of Business Development at Mowery Construction. “Everything was tracked in Outlook and Excel spreadsheets, which stifled collaboration.”


Mowery Construction needed an intuitive, cloud-based CRM that could provide a single source of truth and streamline business development efforts.


Insightly provides a collaborative solution for managing contacts, leads, opportunities, and related correspondence.


With Insightly, Mowery Construction is moving the needle on efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

William Sutton Vice President Of Business Development

Single source of truth

Mowery’s initial goal for Insightly was focused on obtaining a single source of truth. “We’ve overcome data silos by getting everyone on the same platform,” Sutton said. “Contacts

Insightly is the backbone of our business development process.

and prior clients are now stored securely in Insightly, which increases collaboration and drives sales.”

The company also imported project data into Insightly. “Importing forty years of project data has facilitated a deeper level of historical analysis,” Sutton said. “We’re using this data to glean powerful business insights and identify projects and markets that fit our expertise.”

Lead & opportunity management

Integrated lead management helps Mowery engage more leads with less effort. “Insightly workflows allow us to automate the lead follow-up process,” Sutton said. “As leads come in, Insightly sends personalized emails to prospects and sets follow-up reminders for our team.”

Opportunity management is also straightforward with Insightly. “As opportunities are identified, our first step is to get them into Insightly,” Sutton said. Once an opportunity record has been created, it is then assigned to the proper sales representative and tracked through close.

The Insightly Sidebar for Outlook offers a convenient way to capture interactions with leads and opportunities. “The sidebar saves time and effort by synchronizing relevant information into Insightly,” Sutton said.

Dashboards & reports

Insightly dashboards and reports provide Mowery with the business intelligence to fuel growth. “During strategy and pipeline meetings, we put Insightly on the big screen and use the data to guide our discussions,” Sutton said.

Dashboards are particularly helpful for monitoring high-level KPIs, such as opportunity volume and pipeline value. “If a metric dips below a certain level, we instantly know where to focus more of our attention,” Sutton said.

Reports play an important role in the company’s capacity planning. “Insightly helps us accurately forecast future demand, which leads to an optimized allocation of resources,” Sutton said.

Rapid implementation, bright future

Mowery Construction’s rapid success with Insightly is at least partially due to the system’s ease of use. “After evaluating six different CRMs, we determined that Insightly was the most user-friendly and adaptable to our needs,” Sutton said. Insightly’s intuitive user interface and configuration has expedited the time to value. “We’re using the majority of Insightly’s functionality, and everything works very well.”

The Mowery team is looking toward the future with great optimism. “Our next project is integrating Insightly with Power BI,” Sutton said. “Doing so will aggregate data from across the entire company, including business development, safety, customer satisfaction, and other functions.”

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