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Consulting firm streamlines WOTC tax credit process

Insightly makes it easier for Trust Consulting Group to exceed client expectations.

Trust Consulting Group is a leading Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) service provider. The company also provides electronic onboarding solutions and sales tax consulting services. Founded in 2003, Trust Consulting Group serves more than 1,000 clients in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, construction, and manufacturing.

With clients spread across 44 states, Trust Consulting Group needed a more efficient way to manage its ever-expanding book of business. “Prior to Insightly, we used Asana to track client commitments,” said Kaitlynn Lawyer, Business Segment Manager at Trust Consulting Group. “Asana was not easily adaptable to our specific needs, particularly when it came to managing tax forms and other attachments.”


Trust Consulting Group needed a project management system that aligned with its business model.


Insightly is the company’s one-stop accountability platform, delivering a comprehensive view of each task, project, and related documents.


With Insightly, Trust Consulting Group has built a scalable, collaborative workspace for managing its daily operations.

Kaitlynn Lawyer Business Segment Manager

Task management

Streamlined task management has been vital to the success of the company’s distributed workforce. “Some team members work in the central office, while others work remotely,” Lawyer

Insightly is essential to our company. It keeps us organized and prevents things from slipping through the cracks.

said. “Insightly helps everyone stay productive, regardless of where they’re physically located.” Insightly has also simplified the delegation process. “Each team member has his or her own profile,” Lawyer said. “Delegating is straightforward with Insightly tasks.”

Recurring tasks have been useful for responsibilities that follow a predictable cadence. “Certain tasks need to be performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis,” Lawyer said. “Insightly automatically creates and assigns tasks on our behalf, which saves significant time and effort.”

By centralizing recurring and one-time tasks into Insightly, the company has gained new insights into the productivity of its workforce. “Our managers have instant visibility into the work that’s being done,” Lawyer said.

Project-level visibility

Trust Consulting Group also relies on Insightly projects. “Some initiatives are better managed as projects,” Lawyer said. “For example, when clients email completed WOTC forms, we utilize prebuilt Insightly projects to coordinate the many back and forths.” Insightly’s Gmail integration makes it easier to capture this type of project-related correspondence and ensures email attachments are seamlessly linked to the correct projects.

In addition, projects provide much-needed context into prior interactions with clients. “Each project is linked to a specific client record in Insightly,” Lawyer said. “This lets us track important engagement information, such as the last time a client submitted a form.”

Efficiency & productivity

Across the board, the implementation of Insightly has been a wise decision for Trust Consulting Group. “Insightly definitely makes our company more productive,” Lawyer said. “It helps us stay on track, prioritize our work, and deliver a better experience for clients.”

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