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Film & TV tech startup scales biz dev to reach 6,000 new stakeholders with Insightly

Insightly makes it easier for We Got POP to convert prospective customers into lifelong relationships.

We Got POP is a London-based startup that is enabling a more inclusive, efficient, and fairer entertainment industry. The world’s largest and most successful production companies leverage We Got POP’s innovative Software as a Service platform to manage production projects, electronically recruit and pay casts and crews, and ensure GDPR compliance. Since the company’s founding in 2014, We Got POP’s technology has powered more than 1,200 award-winning shows, films, commercials, and other productions in Europe and North America.

Seeking to maximize the impact of first-mover advantage in an industry hungry for cloud-based solutions, We Got POP began evaluating CRMs for high-growth startups. “We sell to C-suites within production companies, which requires a lot of lead generation to work up to that level,” said Simon Donovan, Head of Business Development at We Got POP. “The speed at which we needed to grow necessitated a smart CRM that enabled high-volume lead generation while keeping data clean, secure, and GDPR compliant.”


We Got POP needed a flexible CRM that could ensure a seamless handoff from sales to operations while setting the stage for rapid customer growth.


Insightly’s native project management features, customizable pipelines and reports, and intuitive relationship management tools simplify business development at We Got POP.


By implementing Insightly, We Got POP has built scalable business processes that yielded 6,000 new stakeholders in one year.

Simon Donovan Head Of Business Development

Seamless project management

Prior to discovering Insightly, We Got POP experimented with other CRM solutions. “We originally used Pipedrive to manage our business development initiatives, but we needed a syst

Insightly makes it easier to put processes in place that help us rapidly scale to meet the needs of our customers.

em that could streamline the handoff from sales to customer success,” Donovan said.

Realizing the need for a CRM that’s built for sales and project delivery, We Got POP turned to Insightly. “Insightly allows us to convert opportunities to projects and put the project through a different pipeline, which is fabulous,” Donovan said. “I’ve never seen another system do that, and I’ve worked with several CRMs during my career.”

Leveraging Insightly project pipelines helps We Got POP scale its customer onboarding into a highly repeatable workflow. “Once a company signs up with us, there’s a consultative process in which we must digitize all of their legal contracts and perform other tasks,” Donovan said. “Insightly helps us create processes to work smarter and faster, which aligns with what our software does for our own customers.”

Automated renewal management

Scheduled reports in Insightly keep We Got POP’s sales and customer success teams informed about time-sensitive events, such as upcoming customer renewals. “We’re a SaaS business with license agreements that renew annually,” Donovan said. “Automated reports help us stay one step ahead of our renewals and other business opportunities.”

Workflow automation will further accelerate the team’s ability to maximize renewal revenue. “We’re configuring automated tasks to alert us two months prior to renewal,” Donovan said. “Teams will be reminded to set up customer calls, follow up with agreements, and perform other tasks to ensure renewal.”

Back-office transparency

More than 300 data-driven reports in Insightly support key back-office processes at We Got Pop, such as customer invoicing and payment. “We’ve integrated Insightly with Xero accounting software,” Donovan said. “This integration provides transparency into the invoicing process for users across the organization, including our Head of Finance.”

Scalable relationship management

Most notably, Insightly has helped We Got POP massively scale its business development operations while remaining lean. “We now have 6,000 contacts in our stakeholder list, which hardly had anyone in it before Insightly,” Donovan said. “Insightly’s intuitive interface and data import tools made it easier for us to securely capture all of our data.”

Insightly’s automatic creation of contacts and organizations aligned with We Got POP’s stakeholder management goals. “Insightly automatically creates new records as we reach out to prospects, which is brilliant, and provides an easy solution for keeping data clean,” Donovan said.

Built for future growth

Implementing Web to Lead forms with Insightly is a top priority for We Got POP. “Insightly Web to Lead functionality will help us speed up the sales cycle while eliminating the need for third-party form software,” Donovan said.

Insightly dashboards are also on the roadmap. “We’re in the business of surfacing data to inform our customers’ insights,” Donovan said. “Insightly allows us to have our cake and eat it too by delivering data-driven insights to inform our own strategic decisions and accelerate growth.”

Leveraging Insightly to its full potential will continue to be an important initiative for We Got POP. “I’m on a massive mission to get more people using Insightly,” Donovan said. “We’re underutilizing the system because we’re in startup mode, but that will change as we expand and bring on more users.” Case in point, Donovan believes Insightly will play a pivotal role in supporting the company’s increased focus on marketing. “Having all of our data in Insightly makes it easier to manage word-of-mouth referrals and understand which marketing channels deliver ROI,” Donovan said.

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