It’s important to stay on top of changes to customer records, prospective deals, and ongoing projects you’re involved with. Managers also need to be up to date on the work their teams are doing.

Insightly’s email notifications let you know when a task is assigned to you or when a customer record you’re following is updated, but customers have asked for more choices over the types of notifications available to them. We’ve listened and added a few new options for you.

A Brief History of Follow & Notify

A quick review: when you’d like to know if something changes in a customer record, you can click the Follow button near the top of the page.


Once an item is followed, you can be notified when it is changed based on your selections on the User Settings page. The settings also include options to automatically follow some types of records based on your actions. Insightly’s new notification system now gives you more streamlined options in your user settings.

Trust, But Notify

It’s important to know when something new is assigned to you in Insightly, and assignments include more than tasks. You can now choose to receive email notifications when leads, projects, or opportunities are assigned. In addition, we’ve simplified the options for the records you’re following, since many customers were often confused by the older settings.


We’ve placed the Automatically Follow settings in a separate tab to minimize confusion between these selections and the notifications. This page now includes the same granular control over different record types. Depending on your role, you may be more interested in following items you assign or items that are assigned to you. With everything broken down into these options, you can follow exactly what you need and nothing more.

Granular control. Options for tasks, leads, projects, and opportunities. More straightforward options. We’ve designed these changes to the Insightly email notification system to send you timely updates that help you get your job done. Read more in our Help Center.