Email is a fast, efficient, and affordable way of reaching many customers and prospects. Insightly’s email templates save you time by having standardized messages ready to go with a few clicks. Combine them with workflow automation, and you’ve got a hands-off process for personalized emails and—with our recent update—custom email updates for your team members.

Email templates can now be created specifically for leads and contacts on all plans. Customers on Professional and Enterprise plans can also create them for opportunities and projects for workflow automation. This update can make your existing templates even more effective.

Email templates and organization

With templates for specific record types, it’s easier than ever to create email content for your contacts that is different from emails that will go to leads. As you create a template, choose which record type it will apply to. Use the fields from that record type as you build your template, and Insightly will automatically fill in the information when you send it.

And when you use an email template, you’ll see the messages that you have customized for the record type that you’re working with. Customers who once added “Contact” or “Lead” to their template names for better organization no longer need to take that extra step.

Automated alerts

With this change to email templates, workflow automation emails can be set up to alert your users about changes to projects and opportunities. These emails can include details from the records, so everything they need to take action is in the message. Of course, they can still access Insightly through an embedded URL that can take them right to the record.

If you had existing email templates, we categorized each one based on who it had been sent to in the past. If it was sent to contacts, it became a contact email template, and if sent to leads, it became a lead template.

And if you had email templates that had been sent to both contacts and leads, we made a copy of the template for each record type. We also increased your template limit automatically in this case, so your account subscription is not affected. (However, the template statistics will only appear on one of the copies.)

With these email template updates, you can rest assured that the right message is going to the right person, every time.