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Cutting-edge AgTech firm improves decision making and collaboration by visualizing their data in Dashboards

Agrando ditches Excel spreadsheets and uses Insightly’s customizable dashboards to drive business impact and improve productivity.

Agrando is a rapidly growing AgTech company and independent digital trading partner based in Munich, Germany. Agrando serves all participants in agricultural trading – including farmers, retailers, and producers – and acts as a tool for communication, information procurement, processing, and administration. As Germany’s most prominent digital product search engine for ag resources, Agrendo ensures vendors, pricing, and inputs in the supply chain are transparent, making the system more efficient for farmers. 

Prior to Insightly, Agrando struggled to visualize KPIs and monitor their growing business in real-time with Excel spreadsheets. “As we continued to expand our business, it became clear that Excel could no longer scale to meet our needs and that we needed to move into a digital customer management solution,” said Jonathan Bernwieser, CEO and Founder of Agrando. “We concluded that Insightly could deliver on customization, integration requirements, and ease of use – and that it would grow with our business.”


Agrando needed a customizable, scalable CRM solution that gathers and visualizes data in real-time to help their teams align on a shared vision and make data-driven decisions for future growth.


Insightly’s fully customizable and easy-to-use Dashboards deliver up-to-date, relevant KPIs to stakeholders throughout Agrando.


By implementing Insightly, Agrando can quickly analyze data to make informed decisions while increasing productivity and enhancing information sharing throughout the organization.

Jonathan Bernwieser CEO and Founder

Tracking performance in real-time

Prior to Insightly, Agrando used Excel spreadsheets as their primary system of record. “It was taking too much time to produce and visualize our KPIs in Excel, which made it extremely difficult to monitor our business and make timely decisions about our future,” Jonathan said. 

Realizing the need for a CRM that’s built for scale and customization, Agrando turned to Insightly. “Insightly dashboards were critical to our decision making. We needed a solution that would be easy to use and keep our leadership team informed,” Jonathan explained. “Now, we have a dashboard card for every single one of our core business KPIs, and the entire company has access to them so that we all know exactly where the company stands at any given time.”

Streamlined communication between marketing and sales

Custom dashboards in Insightly keep Agrando’s sales and marketing teams aligned and up-to-date on critical metrics. “In our Insightly Marketing dashboard, we look at monthly performance on conversion rates and closely keep track of conversion throughout the sales funnel,” said Jonathan. “This metric is especially important as Agrando has grown rapidly, from 40 to 130 employees in the span of a year.” 

Visualizing relevant metrics, like MQL to SQL conversions and SQL to new business conversions, enables Agrando’s teams to quickly implement changes when needed. “Insightly dashboards allow our sales and marketing leaders to review the top of the funnel and adapt if we’re not seeing enough MQLs entering the pipeline,” Jonathan explained. “Our marketing team uses Insightly Marketing, so when conversation rates are low, they can immediately begin conducting new campaigns, email journeys, and other outbound initiatives to continue to drive improvement in the pipeline.” 

Insightly users get the most out of their dashboards by sharing them with others, which is why Agrando’s sales and marketing teams review Insightly dashboards every two weeks together. “During these meetings, we’ll review our metrics and course-correct as needed – participants come prepared with their own team’s data, and we’re much more efficient in these meetings than before,” said Jonathan. 

Using dashboards to align around new business opportunities

Insightly dashboards enable Agrando to easily visualize their data and use it to gain new perspectives on their business and inform future decisions. “We use dashboard cards to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of business development ideas and then translate that through our framework as we consider new ideas for growth,” said Jonathan. “We’ll also take a look at past performance data in dashboard cards to consider cross-sell and upsell opportunities.” 

Improving productivity

Using data to make informed and verified decisions is critical to the success of any organization. Before Insightly, Agrando manually built their visualizations in Excel. “I was creating my own pivot tables, as were other department heads within the company, and each of us would spend at least a full day on this every month – Insightly dashboards have saved us from all that,” said Jonathan. 

Insightly dashboards automatically update customer data, so companies like Agrando no longer have to worry about human error. “We can confidently say that all of our information is accurate, and we no longer have to look backward at our data – we can see our visualizations in real-time, which has made a huge difference in our team’s performance,” Jonathan explained.

Built for future growth

Bringing their solution to other countries in Europe is a top priority for Agrando. “Soon, we’ll have several teams working in different languages, but with Insightly dashboards, we’ll be able to leverage the same data and the same processes to quickly and easily expand into new markets,” said Jonathan. 

Agrando also plans to leverage Insightly’s customizable dashboards to create a custom view for each team and sub-team. “We’re planning to use validation rules to ensure employees on different teams see just the right amount of data they need to perform their roles effectively,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan believes Insightly will continue to play a pivotal role in supporting the company’s increased focus on expansion and customization needs. “Our internal processes are highly complex and intertwined, and we require a system that we can customize to exactly those needs,” said Jonathan. “What we like most about Insightly is the freedom of customization and its ability to help us proactively plan for our future.” 

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