Earlier in 2018, we reached out to more than 200 Insightly customers who had been using Insightly integration with Microsoft Office 365 (Office 365). We wanted to know the impact the integration had on their teams’ productivity, customer relationships, and business growth. We also wanted to learn about their experience with the setup, adoption, and daily interactions with Insightly CRM. The survey participants included C-suite executives, mid-level managers, and consultants.

Spoiler alert: after implementing Insightly CRM, businesses grew their annual revenues by 20%. Below are more survey findings across the following categories: productivity, customer insights and relationships, adoption and use, and return on investment.

Increased Productivity

Regardless of business size, workforce automation and the ability to easily integrate existing IT systems with new products and services are critical to ensuring team productivity and sustained business growth. With its key integrations, like Office 365, Insightly allows businesses to automate common tasks and processes, as well as customize their CRM experience, so that teams can easily collaborate and spend less time on mundane administrative tasks and more time on high-impact work and creative solutions for their customers.

So, in order to better understand Insightly’s impact on productivity, we asked survey participants to compare how much time they spent on searching for information and other administrative tasks before and after implementing Insightly and Office 365 integration.

After adopting Insightly CRM, on average, respondents reported spending 1.4 fewer hours per week on administrative tasks, such as searching for information, reconciling different programs, and/or data entry.

Half of the respondents reported improved coordination among marketing, sales, and customer support departments; 49% saw improvement in employee productivity.

76% of respondents reported having more accurate customer, sales, and project data, after adopting Insightly.

Deeper Customer Insights, Meaningful Customer Relationships

Recognizing the importance of customer data in building meaningful relationships and cultivating brand loyalty, we asked our customers how their understanding of customers had changed after integrating Insightly and Office 365.About 67% of respondents reported their understanding of customers improved by “a lot” or “a great deal” after implementing Insightly and Office 365 and, on average, reported managing five additional meaningful customer relationships (per representative).Fast Adoption, Ease of Use

For any CRM — to justify its total cost of ownership and deliver long-term value — user adoption and consistent, as-intended use, are non-negotiable. With that in mind, we asked survey participants to share the time it took them to integrate Insightly CRM and Office 365 and describe their ongoing use of Insightly.

For 50% of survey respondents, it took less than 10 minutes to integrate Insightly with Office 365.

After implementing the integration, 85% of respondents reported “regular” or “high” use of Insightly for day-to-day work. Positive Return on Investment, Growth

Insightly CRM was designed as a turnkey solution for businesses, providing them fast time to value. In our survey, we asked if businesses saw an increase in their revenues and how soon after implementing Insightly they observed results. Here’s what we found.

Those who’d been using Insightly for a year or longer reported more than 20% increase in annual revenue.

Of all the respondents who reported a positive return on investment, 45% saw results within three months after implementing Insightly CRM and Office 365 integration.

For more details on Insightly CRM and the Office 365 integration, including a case study of a healthcare tech company that’s been using the integration to manage customer outreach and ongoing relationships, please read here.

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