Earlier this year, we introduced a suite of new sales force automation (SFA) and analytics capabilities that provide our customers with more control, flexibility, and actionable insights to better serve their own customers and grow profitability. From our comprehensive product and services catalog to flexible price books, to automated quotation system, to custom calculation fields and validation rules, to sales territory mapping — our customers gained access to enterprise-grade capabilities, except in a much simpler, more user-friendly interface and at a fracture of the cost.

We were happy to receive feedback from our customers and in this release we’re introducing advanced reporting tools, new dashboard visualizations, and platform and productivity improvements that we’ve developed with our customers’ feedback in mind. We’re also unveiling Insightly’s new help center and community portal with user guides, FAQ section, and content for specific use cases and industries.

Watch the Q2 2019 Product Release Webinar where Insightly CEO Anthony Smith introduces new features.

Check out the new Insightly Help Center.

New Quotation & Product Reports

Our new advanced custom quotation and product reports allow you to select and filter opportunity products and quotation line records, group and sum them, and build reports that you can schedule and email straight to your inbox on a custom schedule.

You can also:

  • Run these reports at anytime from within the reporting system
  • Share these reports with other users
  • Set custom user permissions

Availability: Enterprise Plan

Product & Price Book Dashboard Additions

You now have the power to drill into product and quotes data and visualize trends and spot patterns using over 75 different chart and map types. Chart and map both opportunity products and quotation line items with our new dashboard visualization capabilities.

For example, you can map out which of your products have sold best in different states or territories, or how many quotations have included specific products at different times of the year.

Availability: Enterprise Plan

Custom Fields in Tasks & Events

Better manage your time and projects with our new custom fields in Tasks and Events. Track exactly how much time it takes to perform different individual tasks and automatically roll up that info to see the calculated summary times for all tasks in a project or opportunity. To learn how to do this and to better understand calculated fields, check out this step-by-step tutorial in our help center.

This new feature makes a lot of our customers happy and is available on Insightly web app as well as on our Android and iOS apps.

Availability: All Plans

Drag and Drop Layout Editor

With our advanced layout editing you can easily organize all relevant and important information and declutter your view in both details and related tabs.

Use drag and drop tool to easily add and remove fields, change the order of fields on the page, and modify sections for different users in both details and related tabs. Choose which tables or grids you would like to see on the related tab and in which order.

Availability: All Plans

Flexible Multi-Column Layouts

This is another widely-requested feature from our customers that brings total flexibility in the page design and views. You can now customize individual sections on a page layout to be adapted to multi-column instead of single column. View all key information in small laptop displays and large external monitors at the same time, with the software switching to multiple columns if the screen is wide enough.

And because you can set the multi-column layout per section, you can preserve the single column layout where it makes sense for you.

Availability: All Plans

Improved Data Entry, Linking, and Lookup

Save time and clicks with our new data entry and productivity additions.

Add a record (contact) and simultaneously link other records to it (organization data) in the same motion. You can do the same with inline linked records for all forms in Insightly, including your custom objects and fields.

Gain more visibility and insights into the depth and scope of your relationships with any contact. Use new table in the related tab to view peers, co-workers, and other key connections of your primary contact. With our new page layout editor for the related tab, you can also choose where on the page you would like to see this new table.

Availability: All Plans


Never miss an Insightly notification simply because you’re in another app or browser tab. This is great for multitaskers who are always switching between apps as well for users who keep lots of browser tabs open.

By default, on a Mac the notifications pop up in the top right and in Windows they appear in the bottom right. Both operating systems also keep a history of those notifications, so you can click to see prior notification from earlier in the day.

Availability: All Plans

Insightly Help Center

Our customer success and service teams have been hard at work improving the Insightly help center to make it easier for our customers to search for relevant content and learn new tips and insights.

Look up articles and videos with beginner guides, product tips, and best practices to make the most out of Insightly.

Check out the new Insightly Help Center.

Coming soon: Insightly Marketing

During the webinar, Insightly CEO Anthony Smith also previewed brand new Insightly Marketing! To get a sneak peek, watch the webinar.