Choosing the Right CRM to Align Teams

Watch our webinar from June 15th, 2022

New research shows it’s all about alignment.

Satisfied with your CRM? You’re in the minority. Only 21% of CRM owners report satisfaction with their solution. More than one-third will be CRM shopping this year.

Go-to-market leaders are battling it out for who gets to choose the next (or first) CRM while poor customer experiences are costing companies money.

Join this webinar to explore the findings in a recently commissioned research study on CRM trends for sales, marketing, and customer success leaders, including:

  • What CRM features are ‘must haves’ for sales, marketing, and service teams
  • Why adoption reigns supreme and how you can facilitate it
  • Where/when does project management fit in

Your hosts are Jenna Balegno, Research Director and COO of Ascend2, and Chip House, CMO of Insightly.